GCCS 2017 | Cyber Surakshit Bharat

GCCS 2017: Opening ceremony

GCCS 2017 | Rising ESDM in India

Transformed role of Governments- Regulator to Enabler leading to technology led inclusive and sustai

GCCS 2017 | Session 3 - Creating a favourable policy environment for Digital Economy

GCCS 2017 - Cyber4Digitallnclusion: Empowering by Technology led Inclusiveness

GCCS 2017 | Digital Technologies Enabler for the Differently-abled

Cyber4Security : Guiding global collaborations and partnerships safe and secure cyber space

Cyber4Security (GCCS 2017) - Policies & framework for protecting Critical Information Infrastructure

Cyber4Security (GCCS 2017) - Cyber Behaviour


GCCS 2017 | Ministerial Forum of Countries

Closing Ceremony of GCCS 2017

Professor Wojciech Cellary

Prof. Elsa Estevez

Paul Nicholas of Microsoft