Talk to the Speaker

Talk to Speakers from Anywhere(Using Interactive Webinar and Video Conferencing)

Can’t attend GCCS in person due to your preoccupation or you were unable to get an invite for this gala event? Nothing to worry! We have set up a system in place for Video Conferencing & Interactive Webinar from 2800 locations around the globe. Each location can have multiple participants. These places are end-user defined and are decided on first come-first served basis at any point of time. Ask your questions to panelists and experts during the conference. Those who still can’t get an opportunity to participate due to paucity of time can ask questions through their GCCS App. These queries will be automatically prioritized to the speaker based on such virtual / real check-in to the Conference!!

The Interactive Sessions have four options:

  • IP Dial-in from SIP or H323 Compliant System to VC system of NIC: It can be used if there is no firewall restriction at your end: 200 locations
  • Email Based Video Conferencing through Learning Management System (LMS) of Digital India: Confirmed participants will be provided link to join GCCS through VC using the given credentials. All participants will have equal rights as in case of IP based VC: 2 x 300 locations
  • Email Based Interactive Webinar under LMS: Confirmed Participants will be provided link to get connected to the events of GCCS through text, voice and video. Inter-se user rights will be governed by the moderator: 2 x 1000 locations
  • Webcast (Public Broadcast through web portals): Unlimited users

Not only that…Coming soon! Live Interactive Webinars from luminaries in the field of cyberspace around the world as Run-up Events to GCCS 2017. Watch this space…

Target Audience: