GCCS 2017 Events

The conference is planned as a two-day event which will include inaugural, plenary, parallel and valedictory sessions. GCCS 2017 will have 4 plenary sessions based on the 4 core themes and parallel sessions based on 12 sub-themes. These would be a mix of keynote addresses, panel discussions, along with side events and pre events.

Opening and valedictory sessions

The two-day conference will start with a 75 minute long opening ceremony graced by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India. The valedictory ceremony will be of 1.5 hour duration.

Plenary Sessions

A total of four plenary sessions are planned which will consist of 4-5 high profile speakers. The sessions will be of 1.5 hours duration; the themes for the sessions are:

  • Cyber4Growth: Transformed role of Governments- Regulator to Enabler leading to technology led inclusive and sustainable growth.
  • Cyber4DigitalInclusion: Bridging the digital divide - Empowering by Technology led Inclusiveness.
  • Cyber4Security: Guiding global collaborations and partnerships essential for ensuring a safe and secure cyber space.
  • Cyber4Diplomacy: Diplomacy in Digital Age.

Parallel Sessions

These are sessions focusing on specific details under the borad topics of plenary or other sessions. Each session will consist of 4-5 speakers/panellists along with a moderator. A total of 12 parallel sessions (3 sessions simultaneously) are planned, each of one hour duration. Some of the topics for parallel sessions are - Securing Digital Payment Ecosystem - Role of Block chains and related Technologies, Digital Technologies : Enabler for the differently-abled, Idea of open and free internet for all etc.


Renowned national and international speakers have been invited for the plenary and parallel sessions. Based on stakeholder discussion, eminent speakers have been identified from industry, academia, think tanks, government, civil society etc.

Broad invitee/delegate categories

The following categories of delegates and speakers/domain experts are being invited:

  • Ministerial delegates from various countries
  • Cyber Experts from International and industry bodies
  • Industry captains
  • Cyber/ICT experts from Academia (both national and international)
  • Cyber specialists from Civil Society organizations including national and international think tanks.
  • Senior Government representatives

Selected participants by invitation

Pre Events

Pre-events will be held 2 days prior to the main conference, summarizing the run-up events involving all stakeholders. Pre-Events will also see the concluding round of the GCCS 2017 Hackathon as well as a networking and welcome dinner for select delegates. Most of the events will be conducted at the conference venue. Some pre events are as follows:

  • Discussion over networking dinner
  • Summarization of all run-up events
  • Launch of MOOC course on cyber security law and policy
  • GFCE meeting

Side Events

The idea behind these events is to engage and give a platform to as many cyber space ecosystem stakeholders. These are in line with the four focus areas of the conference and will take place during the conference at the same venue, along with the plenary and parallel sessions. Some ideas of side events are:

  • Digital exhibition
  • Live Demo
  • B2B discussion meetings
  • Breakfast panel discussion
  • Panel discussions

Run-Up Events

A series of events -- built up properties to the main event -- in order to create buzz, awareness and momentum to reach out to all the key stakeholders in India and abroad. These events will be related to Cyber Space events taking place both in India and abroad that would lead up to GCCS 2017. Multiple events with partners have already been approved and work has started. Some of the run-up events are:

  • Academic writing sprint
  • Hackathons
  • Panel discussions
  • Book of essays by Industry Leaders
  • GCCS Roundtables
  • Workshops
  • Boot camps
  • Webinars

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